Chaz Mechenbier
April 2017
4/20 Rocky Fork Country Club
4/21 Dennison Univ. Spring Party
4/22 Step Up For Stephanie, 8am
4/22 Private Party 6pm
4/22 Six by 66 Jam, Roadhouse 66 9pm
4/26 Red Hot Rhythm Review Arnold Plaza
4/27 Mezzo Dublin w/ Nicki Jo Baker
4/28 Market District Grandview
4/29 Six by 66 Jam, Roadhouse 66 8pm
4/29 Cap City Half Marathon

May 2017
5/3 Pro Jam at Hidden Lakes
5/4 Bogey Inn with Aaron Wright
5/5 Cinco party La Fogata 4-9pm
5/11 Hidden Lakes Winery
5/14 Last Call, St. Chris

5/18 Solar Saloon Delaware 8pm

5/19 Red Hot Rhythm Review Piqua OH
5/25 Mezzo, Dublin 6pm
5/27 Grandview parade w/Nicki Jo 10:30
5/28 Hidden Lakes Winery 2pm

Coming soon:
6/2 Fri. Market District Grandview Yard
w/Nicki Jo Baker
6/16 Trio St Henry, OH
6/17 RHRR Celina
6/24 RHRR Jefferson Country Club

"RedHot Rhythm Review 2017"
Nicki and Chaz
"Hang Time" 2016
"Hot Rod Lincoln" solo acoustic
Blues Guitar Shuffle w/Kelly and
Chaz  "I'm Tore Down"
"All of Me" w/ Arkadiy Gips
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Chaz Mechenbier, from Dayton, Ohio, has been playing guitar for as
long as he can remember, starting his professional career while still in
high school.  Loving every minute of it, he says he has "yet to grow up".

Chaz has played around Columbus since 1980, including 7 years in
Nashville, playing for some top singers and musicians, most notably
award winner Ronnie Milsap and CMA Hall of Famer Jerry Reed.  In
1997 Chaz returned to Columbus, joining the band Phil Dirt and the
Dozers.  He's been a sideman to Ohio's great entertainers, including
the elctrifying blues singer Shaun Booker and Elvis stylist Mike Albert.

Chaz learned to play from his 7 brothers and sisters, and learned to
entertain by sharing stages all over the world with some of the greatest
musicians of our time.  Take a seat, or stay on your feet, Chaz will
bring the music to you!
Red Hot Rhythm Review
Summer 2016, Fraze Pavillion as opening
act for Blood Sweat and Tears