Hi!  I'm Chaz Mechenbier from Columbus, Ohio.  I've been playing
the guitar for-- , as long as I can remember. And I'm still loving every
minute of it!  I started my professional career while in high school and
haven't grown up, er... out of it yet.

I've played around Ohio, across the U.S. and abroad.  I lived in
Nashville, TN during the 90's. I played guitar for several prominent
country artists including Ronnie Milsap and Jerry Reed, and returned
to Columbus in 1997.  I then joined the local show group Phil Dirt and
the Dozers, and since 2002 have been performing solo and with my
current band, "Hang Time".

Here you'll find the latest information on what I'm up to musically,
where you can find me playing locally, and details on private guitar
lessons.  You'll also read about projects we're cooking up, and
recordings as they become available.  Stay tuned, and visit often!
Musically yours, -Chaz
-Solo Vocals and Guitar & the dynamic band
      "Blue Suede Groove"
Chaz Mechenbier
-2 Hidden Lakes Winery
-3 Plank's on Broadway
-4 Block party, Dubli n
-5 With Phil Dirt & the Dozers, WV
-9 Wedgewood Country Club
-10 FRIDAY Hidden Lakes Winery
-11 Gauss Wedding
-12 Italian Festival Noon
-12 St. Chris (the Italian) 6pm
-13 w/Phil Dirt & the Dozers in CT
-17 Pearl Market 11am
-17 Mayfair Village 2:30
-17 Kingsdale Market District 6:30-9
-19 Columbus Marathon (8 am?)
-24 Brookside Country Club
-25 Pit band, GODSPELL Hilliard
-26 Last Call, St Chris 6pm-27 w/
Big Daddy Blue, Cleveland
-28 w/ Fortune, Dayton
-30 Hidden Lakes Winery

-6 Arbors West
-6 Wedgewood Country Club
-7 Hollywood Casino Columbus
-8 Wedding Party Grove City
-12 Mezzo Dublin
-13 Hidden Lakes Winery
-14 Kingsdale Market District
-15 Sation House 81
-19 La Fogata w/ Bob Piascik
-24 Private Event
-28 Hidden Lakes Winery

-2 Convalarium Dublin
-5 Brookside Country Club
-11 Hidden Lakes Winery
-12 Plank's Grove City
-13 Wedding (day)
-18 Hidden Lakes Winery
-26 Brookside Country Club
-28 Hollywood Casino w/Phil Dirt
-31 Findlay Country Club

Combo clip: "Hang Time" at the
Hollywood Casino

"Hot Rod Lincoln" solo acoustic

"Hold On" Summer 2014

Blues Guitar Shuffle w/Kelly and

Chaz with John Purcell, "I'm Tore

"All of Me" w/ Arkadiy Gips

"Take It Easy" with Bob Piascik
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